Silver Blues Cattery

We are an active family of 5 with a passion for Russian Blue Kittens. My husband Matt upon marriage always had plans of having kittens around the house. However, due to his allergies we had trouble raising kittens. We were advised to get a Russian Blue Kitten due to them being hypoallergenic and the rest has literally being history. We then decided to set up a cattery to provide others with this amazing breed. I am confident having a Russian Blue Kitten in your home will be a great source of joy and comfort. Take my word for it.  I’m a stay at home mom and former nurse.  We live on a 11 acre mini-farm and love the lifestyle!

We love animals of all kinds but our hearts belong to the Russian Blues. We did our research and the personality traits of Russian Blues seemed like a perfect match for our busy family. Thus came about our first pet Russian Blue, Toby. We fell in love with the Russian Blue breed and the rest is history. Because of the active household environment they’re born into and loads of attention they get, our kittens are very adaptable and outgoing. They are great for any lifestyle!